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About Us

Kenan Shop is the latest Bowtique for your glamorous, young darlings!

I am a Speech and Language therapist by day and a bow designer by night. I have always been creative and crafty. It wasn’t until having my baby girl in January 2019 that I found my path with Kenan. After, having my little princess I could’nt find what I was looking for so I started making them for myself. I am a self taught sewer ( you can learn anything these days on YouTube! ) I borrowed my best friends sewing machine before I decided to invest on one. I absolutely loved turbans and could not get them anywhere in Ireland so I found myself ordering turbans from the US , which was costing me a fortune. I started making bows for friends and family, with a lot of trail and error with fabric types and Voila! Kenan Shop was born.

Now Kenan shop is a store that provides the best deals for you and your kids.